Our Aim

To provide facilities, activities and programmes that will enable your students to have a great E.O.T.C. experience in a safe, fun and positive environment. We will assist you to design your programme before you arrive at camp and work with you and your parents to implement it during your stay.

To find out more, simply call us during working hours or send us an email from here.


  • Accommodation for 115 people
  • Heated lecture room with seating for 100 people
  • Dining room with seating for 200 people
  • Large 600m² Indoor gym with sprung wooden floor
  • Large cold water pool. (20m x 8m)
  • Wheel chair accessible rooms, toilets and showers
  • Canteen (with prior notice)
  • Laundry with coin operated machines
  • All cabins and rooms are heated


  • Abseiling, Indoor Rockwall Climbing
  • Flying Foxes, Archery, Indoor Slug Guns
  • Giant Maze, Downhill Carts, Mini Jeep
  • Low Ropes and Confidence Course
  • Waterslide, Swimming with Inflatable Obstacle Course 
  • Indoor Gym for Basketball, Netball, Volleyball and other indoor sports
  • Orienteering and Frisbee Golf Courses
  • Top Team Games, Team Initiative Challenges 
  • Burma Trail, Outdoor Playing Court
  • Caged Soccer, Human Foosball, 'The Quiztron'
  • Playing Fields, Beach Volleyball Court
  • Giant Chess & Checkers, Handball
  • Cookout
  • Caving (Off site)

Sample Programme

School programs are based around groups of about 10 students rotating through selected camp activities (i.e. 4 groups with 4 activities). At the end of a completed rotation, every student will have had the chance to experience each activity that was part of that rotation.

A typical day programme would look something like this…

07:00am    Get up and do morning exercise, have shower etc
08:00am   Breakfast and duties
09:00am    Prepare for morning programme
09:30am    First activity rotation
10:30am   Morning tea
11:00am    Second activity rotation
12:00pm    Free time
12:30pm   Lunch and duties
01:30pm    Prepare for afternoon programme
02:00pm    Third activity rotation
03:00pm   Afternoon tea
03:30pm    Fourth activity rotation
04:30pm    Large group programme
05:30pm    Dinner and duties
06:30pm    School work (diaries, stories etc)
08:00pm    Night game or programme
09:00pm   Supper
09:30pm?  Bed

This is a sample of a standard camp programme, so please don’t feel that you are limited to this! We can arrange day trips to many of the great places around the Nelson region, over night camping experiences or other off or on site programmes. We are happy to custom design a programme for your camp based on the aims and objectives you have for your students.

Activity Grades

As part of our risk management procedures, all of the camp activities are divided into four grades depending on the risk involved with the activity.

Grade one activities: Maze, Sports Fields, Tennis Court, Giant Chess
Do not require direct supervision but the leader of the group must ensure that students are using the activities appropriately.

Grade two Activities: Gym, Burma trail, Orienteering, Frisbee Golf, Top Team
Require an adult to be present at all times when students are using the activity.

Grade three activities: Mini jeep, Waterslide, Initiatives, Confidence course, Low ropes course, Swimming pool.
Require an adult that has be instructed and approved by camp staff on the safe operation of the activity.

Grade four activities: Abseiling, Climbing, Down hill carts, Slug guns, Flying fox, Archery, Cookout
Require camp staff that are qualified instructors in that activity to run it. An adult from the group may also be required to assist.

Sample Menu

The menu options below are a sample of what we offer and are intended as a guide only.

We are happy to discuss different meal and menu options etc to fit in with the dietary requirements or needs of your group.

Porridge, Weetbix, Cornflakes, Rices, Fruit, Toast etc, Hot Chocolate

Morning Tea
Muffins, Scones, Apple Turnovers, Cold Juice or Water

Hot dogs, Assorted Salads, Chips
Pizza, Assorted Salads
Mac Cheese, Coleslaw, Beetroot
With lunch we also provide bread and spreads
For day trips or if you are travelling to Picton for a lunchtime ferry sailing, we provide a packed lunch of Sandwiches, Fruit, Cookies, Chips and Drink

Afternoon Tea
Fresh fruit, Cold Juice or Water

Crumbed Fish, Chips and Vegetables. Ice Cream Sundaes
Teapot Valley Burgers, Potato Wedges, Vegetables. Jelly with Fruit
Nacho's, Corn Cobs, Cheese, Sour Cream, Green Salad, Lamingtons
Chicken Nibbles, Roast Potato, Corn, Beans, Carrots. Donuts

Cake, Hot Chocolate

Camp Fees

Teapot Valley Christian Camp is a complex that can easily cater for 100+ people. Our fees include cabin accommodation, all meals including morning tea, afternoon tea, suppers and the use of all grade 1 – 3 activities.

Unless pre-arranged with the bookings manager, the first meal we provide is dinner on the day of arrival and the last meal is lunch on the day of departure. Prices are per person per 24 hours including GST.

Primary and Intermediate School $56.00 per person
Secondary School $58.00 per person

If you bring your own food and drink for morning tea, afternoon tea and suppers, we are happy to give you a discount of $3.00 per person per day off the prices above.

Please note that a week long camp from Monday to Friday is charged out as four x 24 hours.
Monday to Wednesday or Wednesday to Friday is charged out as two x 24 hours.

Supervising Adults
Terms one and four only - If you bring over 60 students up to 6 adults can come at no charge. For every 10 students over and above the first 60 one more adult can come at no cost.
Terms two and three only - If you bring over 40 students up to 4 adults can come at no charge. For every 10 students over and above the first 40 one more adult can come at no cost.
To get this refund we must receive payment in full before you leave camp.

Additional Charge for Grade Four Activities
All grade four activities must be instructed by camp staff. The cost for this is $25.00 per hour per activity.

Additional Charge for Large Inflatable Pool Obstacle Course
This is hired out at $20.00 per hour (see photos on this page)

Health and Safety

We are Outdoors Mark Safety Audit Certified. You will be sent SOP's and other Health and Safety documents once a booking has been made

North Island Schools

If you are from the North Island we are happy to arrange coach transport from Picton to Teapot Valley and back to Picton along with any trips you may want to do while in Nelson. Tell us your arrival and departure times in Picton and we will do the rest.