Thank you for letting us come to camp. We didn’t expect it to be this good but it was.

Thank you for teaching us the graces and for sorting out our activities. Also thank you for getting our hopes up with the lucky scraper.

We love how you are so interactive and funny with us.

It was so much fun and you awesome people are great at running a campsite. Our cabin was set up awesomely.

We really appreciated how you helped us with our activities and fed us till we were stuffed

I remember when you were pulling me up the rock climbing wall and telling me to keep going when I felt like giving up.

Dear Gypsy - Thank you for being nice and friendly and also playing with us. We sat in a circle playing with you throwing the ball up in the air.

Teachers and Parents

Thank you again to you and your team for managing a very successful, yet adjusted programme for our 2018 Year 7-8 students.  A memorable experience for all that will be treasured for a life time.  Lovely to catch up with you again and know that we will continue to work together in the future.  Best wishes for a continued successful 2018.

I'm sure the school will have been in touch but I just wanted to give a personal note of thanks for taking care of us so well last week.  It's an awesome spot you've got there, and all the kids (and mine in particular) had a great time with the activities. I especially wanted to say thanks for keeping us fed, watered and entertained when so many of the kids got sick. It made life a lot easier knowing meals were still coming, activities still happening, and plenty of friendly faces offering encouragement. A couple of above-and-beyond thanks too - Roz for rushing a bucket out to my daughter when she got sick, and Justin for pitching in and entertaining some of the recovering kids with some archery.

Other Groups

Hi Paul – on behalf of the Song Leaders Network members who stayed at Teapot Valley last weekend, thank you so much for your hospitality and for contributing to the success of our get together - we thoroughly enjoyed singing, learning - and relaxing - together in such a pleasant environment. This was an ideal venue for our group with excellent facilities and meeting spaces, piano, projector etc. which meant we had everything we needed for our activities. Everyone was most impressed with the meals, so all credit to you and your team, as we were treated to really lovely food (and good alternatives for those with particular requirements), and fruit and tasty snacks in between. And thanks for keeping the log burner stoked up! My thanks also to Shirlene for her patience with my phone calls prior to our stay - that really helped our preparation.  We really appreciated the efforts of your team in making this such a rewarding weekend for our group – we felt very welcome and comfortable at Teapot Valley and would certainly recommend this to others as an excellent venue!

Thank you very much for hosting the Inclusion Club on Saturday.  We would particularly like to pass our appreciation to Justin who was so calm and fabulous despite our son having a meltdown at the top of the Zip line platform....Justin is a very special instructor!!  Thanks again

How can I thank you enough for the 10 days we had our Summer School at Teapot Camp. You truly are an outstanding person in the way you provide for all our needs and more. You always smile, always helpful and so considerate. Your team work so well and obviously also want to make the best for us all under your guidance.  It is always a delight to arrive out there as it is for all our participants.  I am looking forward to being there again next year.  With thanks and gratitude.

I just want to say a massive thank you for finding some sponsorship money for me to get to Sports camp. It was such a great weekend and I enjoyed every bit of it, well maybe not the heat and lack of sleep ;) so thank you so much and I really appreciate it. 


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