Holiday Camps Registration Declaration

By clicking the 'Register' button below

  • I give Teapot Valley Christian Camp permission to take my child offsite for day trips and use a bus as transportation.
  • I declare that the details on the registration form are true and correct and I understand and accept the parents / guardian notes below.
  • I give consent for the person named on this registration form to participate in all camp activities and I agree that they will abide by the camp rules and that I will pay for any wilful damage.
  • I give consent for Teapot Valley Christian Camp to send my child information about future camps, contact them about youth groups or send bible studies upon their request.
  • I give consent for any photos and videos taken during camp to be shared on Teapot Valley's YouTube channel and I am happy for the video link to be sent to other families that also have children on the same camp.  Photos and videos may also be posted on the Teapot Valley website.
  • I give consent for Teapot Valley Christian Camp staff to administer Panadol or other 'over the counter' treatments to my child if they deem it appropriate.
  • In the case of a medical emergency I give Teapot Valley Christian Camp permission to seek medical help as required after first trying to contact me using the phone numbers given above. I will pay for any costs associated with this care.
  • I will advise camp staff before I drop my child off if they have been unwell during the week prior to the start of camp. (cold, flue, vomiting, diarrhea etc)

Parents / Guardian Notes.

  • Please do not presume the registration has been accepted into this camp unless you receive a confirmation email from us.
  • If we don't receive the deposit or full payment by the due date (in the confirmation email we will send you once we receive this form) your place may be given to someone else.
  • Please don't drop your child off before the start of registration as we may not be able to supervise them. Please collect promptly after camp finishes.
  • Parents / guardians must sign their child in and out of camp. Please do not leave or pick up your child without doing this.
  • We will take responsibility for the care of your child from when they are signed in until they are picked up and signed out at the end of camp.
  • Disruptive behavior, deliberate misconduct or disrespect for camp or campers property will result in the person concerned being sent home. Fees will not be refunded and any costs for damage or transport will be charged to you.
  • All medication is to be handed in at the start of camp. A 'Medication Details Form' must be filled out at registration. It will be administered as required by a camp adult.
  • A copy of our 'Policies and Procedures Manual' and 'Complaints Forms' are available if required.
  • As part of our 'Sun Safe' policy your child will be required to wear a hat in the sun when appropriate.
  • If your child has any special needs please contact camp before sending in your registration form.
  • Holiday Camps are conducted by the residential staff of Teapot Valley Christian Camp and assisted by a team of volunteer leaders and helpers.
  • Bible based talks are conducted on a non-sectarian basis, the purpose being to show the relevance of the Bible today.
  • The information you provide will only be used for the purpose of running camp. Personal details will remain confidential to camp management and will only be given out to ensure the safety or well being of a camper.
  • As part of our audit process personal details may be reviewed and / or collected by OSCAR auditors.
  • We ask that parents don’t phone your child directly during camp as it can be disruptive to the program and unsettling for your child. If in an emergency you need to contact your child you can do so by phoning 542-3368.
  • We will contact you if your child is unwell or not coping with being away from home.

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