Booking Contract

Please read the Conditions of Hire and the Contract Agreement then fill in the booking form and click the submit button.  Please note that a booking is not confirmed until we receive the completed contract form and the deposit has been paid.

Conditions of Hire

(1)  The minimum booking accepted for any group will be 30 people.

(2)  If your group has less than 40 people staying in we reserve the right to double book you with another group. We will advise you of our intention to do this before we make a double booking.

(3)  A completed booking contract form and a non-refundable deposit is required to confirm your booking prior to your camp. Your deposit will be deducted from your final account. For groups booked in during the first and fourth term the deposit is $750.00. Groups booked in for the second and third term the deposit is $500.00

(4)  For catering purposes we require group numbers and dietary requirements at least seven days prior to your stay.

(5) Morning tea, afternoon tea and supper are served and cleaned up by your group. We will provide food and drink unless you opted to bring your own.

(6)  Catering is done by camp staff. Breakfast is served at 8:00am, Lunch at 12.30pm and dinner at 5.30pm unless otherwise arranged. We are happy to provide cut lunches. Students are expected to help with meal duties.

(7)  Students are the responsibility of the group leaders at all times and must adhere to our rules and SOP’s. We reserve the right to insist that anybody who doesn’t respect these rules leave.

(8)  Bunk rooms contain beds and mattresses only – no pillows or bedding, please keep these areas clean during your stay.

(9)  Out of respect for our neighbours and on-site staff camp must be quiet between 10.00pm and 7.00am.

(10)  Smoking is not permitted inside any camp buildings.

(11)  All damages are to be reported. The cost of any damage to property will be added to your account.

(12)  Camp grounds, cabins and rooms used by your group must be cleaned and tidied as per the cleaning schedule before you leave. A staff member will check to see that this is done satisfactorily. Failure to do this will risk forfeiture of your deposit.

(13)  If you cancel your booking within three months of your intended stay and we are not able to re-book the space you will be charged $1000.00 for each night that you had booked for.

(14)  Please note that the old forestry house is no longer being used. We are replacing it with a new building that will have more bedrooms, a larger meeting room and better facilities. The upstairs flat is available for adults in the interim. (See accommodation allocation)

Contract Agreement

(1)  We have read and understand the camps SOP’s and we will use the outdoor activities strictly in accordance with these policies. We accept full responsibility for any accident or injury resulting from non-compliance with such policies.

(2)  We acknowledge that certain risks and hazards are inherent in outdoor activities and cannot be eliminated without destroying the unique character of the outdoors. The camp has identified foreseeable risks or hazards and has implemented management strategies to eliminate or minimize these hazards.

(3)  We accept full responsibility for the supervision of all students in the group at all times during our stay at camp.

(4)  We will provide appropriate support for students with special needs and will advise camp of who they are.

(5)  If we are using road transport organized by the camp we agree to the P.C.B.U. Overlapping H & S responsibilities agreement that is included as Appendix 3 in the SOP.

(6)  We will provide a list of all participants that have dietary requirements at least one week before the start date of our camp.

(7)  We will pay the cost of the camp based on the rates quoted together with any other charges incurred prior to our departure unless we have made other prior arrangements which have been agreed upon by the camp.

(8)  We understands that the deposit will only be refunded if the camp is left clean and tidy to the satisfaction of camp staff

(9)  We understand that the “supervising adults” discount will only be offered if the account is paid in full prior to departure.

(10)  We agree to pay the cost of repair or replacement for wilful damage to camp property by any member of our group during their stay.

(11)  We understand the cancellation policy (last point under conditions of hire) and will pay the cancellation fee if we cancel this booking.

Booking Contract Form

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