I am writing this letter to say thank you For teaching me and my friends how to ploy octoball. It was probably my favourite thing to do at comp. Thank you also for hosting the go carts. Without you doing that, the only activity that I really liked wouldn't have been at camp.

I am writing this letter to say thank you for giving me and everyone else the amazing experience we all had at Teapot Valley.  The trip was like nothing else and every day was quite different to normal life.

I really appreciated what you have done for us on this school camp. It has given us the opportunity to do things not many people have done before. Such as abseiling, slug guns and archery. Almost every activity was a new experience for most.

Thank you again for the amazing week we all had. Without you giving us the opportunity to go and stay at Teapot Valley, we all couldn't have had such an incredible experience. So on behalf of everyone I thank you.

I am writing this letter to say thank you for giving us the opportunity to use your slug-guns we really appreciated it. So thank you for that.  I really appreciate what you did because without you we wouldn't be able to shoot slug-guns. One thing I have learned about myself is to always try and never give up because there are always going to be people that are good at things and people that aren't that good at things.  Thank you again for letting us shoot your slug-guns. Without you doing your job teaching us we couldn't have had the amazing experience that we did.

I really enjoyed the downhill carts you led because I went real fast and it was pretty bumpy which made it better. I almost flew out of my cart on the more bumpy way that you opened up at the end, but I still had lots of fun on the carts.  One thing I learnt from camp is to always try everything because I was a little nervous of the carts at first because I didn't want to fly off but I got pushed real fast and was scared, but then after that I realized that it wasn't bad and it was fun.  Thank you again for being at camp and doing everything that you did for us, because without you I couldn't have as much

We had the coolest stay at camp ever! We are so grateful for all the activities, food and entertainment you provided us during our three days.  Some of our favourite activities were the waterslide, archery, zipline, confidence course and crate stacking.  We were scared at first but then the instructors helped us feel confident enough to give everything a go. So many amazing opportunities. We also thank you so much for the beautiful food you provided us! Breakfast, lunch and dinner, it was so yummy.  We all loved the “lucky scraper” it made every meal fun. We all loved the cabins, they were so modern and the fact we had our own bathroom made them even better.  The maze and the mega bounce were so much fun. It was epic

I liked that we had breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, desert and suppa.  It was cool that we had smores on the one night.  I loved the boomer trail it was so fun.

Thank you for convincing me to do the traumatic activity that physically felt like it was destroying my hips.  I’m not even kidding; it felt like several chef knives were jolted into my waist, as I was trying not to collapse and fall to the ground which felt 77 meters away.  I appreciate that I could hear your voice cheering me on for I was completely scared for my life, because without you, 10x the fear would crawl into my body like 3452 spiders hungry for a feast.

The food was the best food I have had at camp! Each meal was different and always came out better than the last.  I enjoyed how, with every meal, we also had a choice of eating vegetables so that made me feel extremely healthy.  I do have a couple of tips for the Macaroni and Cheese.  I think you could add MORE bacon bits.  I am not the biggest fan of bacon but those bacon bits were nice and small.  Thank you for teaching us the graces.  At the start I was a bit embarrassed when we would sing but at the end I very much enjoyed it!  My favourites were the Adams Family and the Brown Cow.  The lunch on the last day and on the walk was absolutely delicious.  Usually I do not enjoy sandwiches, but it was actually very nice and I really enjoyed it.  If I could have that every day in my lunch box I would.

My number one activity was abseiling because it got my adrenaline running.  It was scary at first going down the wall. When I got halfway down the wall it wasn’t too bad because I was closer to the ground. Something I’ll remember is the moment when Mark gave me the nickname “Andy” since everyone else had a nickname apart from me.  Now everyone calls me Andy.

I would like to thank you for all memories you have given me and all the laughs that I got to enjoy with my friends. The activities were amazing I was really excited when I found out we were doing archery. You offered so much in such little time that I could barely choose a favourite but if I had to choose It would be the downhill karts.  The meals were extraordinary I couldn't ask for better food. I really loved the lucky scraper idea it really helped out so that every table didn’t complain about who took up the dirty dishes. I also liked the idea of supper because in my household we don't have supper at all.

Thank You for the joy and activities you provided for us. I had a great time even if I had sleepless nights in the cabins since there weren't any pillows but the activities made up for it. It was fun taking part in the activities and trying out new things even if I didn't succeed a lot in them I still had a blast trying them all. lt was a fun experience and I hope I can come again.  Your Food was excellent, the way you prepared it and the taste was magnificent, I've never tried some of the food like the nachos but the taste and flavour popped into my mouth at the first bite. Giving us seconds and occasionally thirds was a delight and a really kind act from you guys. Everything you made was really enjoyable and pleasant even if Tuesday's noodles were dry. Overall it was an awesome time being at camp and fun being there.

I’d like to thank you for all the time you put into making the evening great.  I loved the foods and the playgrounds.  I especially liked the chocolate mousse and the roast ham.  Thank you so much for hosting this event and next year I hope you do a great job again.

I would like to take the time to thank you for the amazing night of honour you put on for us boys prep, I am positive that everyone truly relished every moment of it, the food was amazing, and the bucking bronco proved a laugh, the food was amazing, the chocolate mousse was my favourite.  So, thank you very much as the transition to college simple wouldn’t be the same without the key part so thank you very much for the night.

Thank you for letting us come to camp. We didn’t expect it to be this good but it was.

Thank you for teaching us the graces and for sorting out our activities. Also thank you for getting our hopes up with the lucky scraper.

We love how you are so interactive and funny with us.

It was so much fun and you awesome people are great at running a campsite. Our cabin was set up awesomely.

We really appreciated how you helped us with our activities and fed us till we were stuffed

I remember when you were pulling me up the rock climbing wall and telling me to keep going when I felt like giving up.

Dear Gypsy - Thank you for being nice and friendly and also playing with us. We sat in a circle playing with you throwing the ball up in the air.

Teachers and Parents

We all had such an amazing time, probably the most relaxing of our camps yet!  Thanks to you and all the amazing staff for making it so successful and for all the support.

I just wanted to pass on our thanks to yourself and the team for the last three days.  Both Ryder and Cleo had a fabulous 3 days. They had so much excitement in their voice each night when they were telling us about their day. Highlights were definitely archery, fire truck, swimming pool activities, frisbee golf, wet sponge throwing, cookies and zip lining.

Thank you so much for helping our school run an awesome camp for the tamariki. It was so professionally run and the fact that you were so organized and went the extra mile helped keep us all keep our heads - in these difficult covid times. Your staff were amazing through the whole experience. You helped me on a personal level with a fussy, allergic eater and maintained contact through the period we were onsite. The photos our photographer took show smiles on everyone’s faces and that is a definite guarantee of a fun time. Thank you so much.

Just wanted to drop a note to say what a fantastic week we had.  In hindsight, we were so lucky to get our week in, and the kids thought it was one of the best camps ever.  Your instructors were great and Jarred was a fantastic leader.  The kitchen had the food totally sorted and by the amount of times the kids wanted seconds you just knew the kitchen has a pretty good idea of what kids like :) Thanks so much to the lovely Vanessa for the super cake, his Mum was thrilled.

We LOVED our day with you. Everyone had such an awesome time and it was a really positive way to celebrate the end of term. Please pass on to your staff that we thought they were amazing  😊

Thank you again to you and your team for managing a very successful, yet adjusted programme for our 2018 Year 7-8 students.  A memorable experience for all that will be treasured for a life time.  Lovely to catch up with you again and know that we will continue to work together in the future.  Best wishes for a continued successful 2018.

I'm sure the school will have been in touch but I just wanted to give a personal note of thanks for taking care of us so well last week.  It's an awesome spot you've got there, and all the kids (and mine in particular) had a great time with the activities. I especially wanted to say thanks for keeping us fed, watered and entertained when so many of the kids got sick. It made life a lot easier knowing meals were still coming, activities still happening, and plenty of friendly faces offering encouragement. A couple of above-and-beyond thanks too - Roz for rushing a bucket out to my daughter when she got sick, and Justin for pitching in and entertaining some of the recovering kids with some archery.

Just wanted to let you all know what a wonderful camp we had.  The T.Pot valley staff were amazing, so friendly and helpful.  The facilities are getting better and better and the food was outstanding.  Please pass on our thanks to all.

Thankyou for having us!  You all are such awesome hosts and we have been so well looked after! Bayfield School Netball Team


I just want to say a special thank You to you and the team for your feedback, I really appreciate it. I get encouragement from the team. And Thank You Shirlene for helping with the issues at the lunch table, I appreciated it very much. Thank You. And I hope to see you guys again for the next camp and improve my skills with the little ones. I love working with kids, yes it can be hard at times, but I still really enjoy it. But I think that I still have a lot more to learn, and I'm sure I will at camp with your help.  Camp has been a great place for me that I feel accepted as who I am. And camp has made me realize where I am at with my faith with God, and it has really helped me in that aspect of my life.  I have also met a lot of wonderful people at camp, who I would not have had the privilege to meet otherwise.

I will also take the opportunity to pass on the Trust's deep appreciation of the facilities and services of
the Teapot Camp and the manner in which all your staff and you and Paul, deal with our myriad requests. We can not thank you enough, not only for this year but for the other 21 years. You have a place in the heart of all our Teapotters.

Just wanted to say thank you to you and all the leaders, cooks, bus driver,  camp mum,  and everyone else.  Lucy had a brilliant time at camp this week.   She's buzzing from all the fun activities and has been singing some of the songs she learnt very loudly when she's meant to be going to sleep

Just wanted to write and say a massive thank you for Ignite camp! We have had lots of positive feedback from parents and youth about the weekend. Some definite highlights were crate stacking and ambrosia! I recognize that camp was significantly reduced in price, which is greatly appreciated as it meant all the youth were able to come who wanted to.  Again, massive thank you for the weekend, and I hope it all went well from camps perspective too!

Good morning Teapot Valley Team this sunny day. Thank you so much to all the team at Teapot for the Amazing Race Camp last week. Summer has excitedly recounted every element of the Camp with us and with equal enthusiasm to her sisters and parents on her return home yesterday. The food! Summer loved every meal with the Shepherds Pie and salads receiving special mention . The cabins, and new friends made, the Amazing Race and the memory verse which she put on our fridge door so we would remember it too. Not one mention of the inclement weather! Summer appreciated all the Camp team and the leaders in her cabin area, Billie, Lilly and Rene were a great with the younger girls. Summer arrived at camp not knowing any of the other children attending but one would never have known that from the narrative of Camp. She left with happy memories, new friends made and a journey to discover more about Jesus. We pray that your summer will run smoothly, with no Alert Level speed bumps, and will continue to bless many on their journey. Thank you all so much.

Paul, Jerrod and the team made an excellent job of looking after us – I am not sure how they manage it but each time is even better than the last! It was just fantastic with some wonderful memories made  - feel very blessed that we can go.

Thank you for your email regarding the next camp.  I have been meaning to email you to say that my son had an absolute fabulous time at the last one.  My husband and my parents did the "drop
off" and "pick up" and they were all impressed by the moral and organization of your team.  Thank you for organizing such amazing school holiday camps for the children - it is very much appreciated!

Just wanted to say thanks so much to everyone at teapot camp, it was Jack's first camp and he absolutely loved it, he couldn't stop talking about all the cool things he's done and the people he met. He has already asked me if he can go to the next camp, 😉👍👍🙌

Dear Paul, Jocelyn and the TVCC team,  Just wanted to send a MASSIVE Thank you to you all for how you have blessed us this year, but particularly for how you served us during the HOPEFEST 2019 week.  The meal you served was spectacular, with so many expressing their appreciation.  I've no doubt that its impossible to quantify all that went on behind the scenes to pull that off, but I do know that you served with your usual humility, grace and 'go-the-extra-mile' attitude.
 Thank you! from the whole church family and community.  Thank you for helping make HOPEFEST such a success. Every blessing Daryl, For the Hope Church Leadership and Family.

We wish to convey to Shirlene, you were amazing to us Shirlene, from our first visit to meet you, your kindness, caring, thoughtfulness and the way you dealt with our whole Golden Wedding anniversary event was so professional, and to Paul for all his help and input with the children’s entertainment and help with music and slides, also to the staff who helped with setting up and cooking the amazing meal, it really was 10 out of 10, our sincere a heartfelt thanks.  It was more than we ever imagined and we had so many lovely comments.  The setting and the whole complex, with the country side surrounding is so lovely .  May God Bless you as you continue his work in this wonderful way.

Thanks so so much for the week. What an amazing place! So much to do for the kids, very clean and tidy accommodation and great food and lovely people, thank you!

Hi Paul – on behalf of the Song Leaders Network members who stayed at Teapot Valley last weekend, thank you so much for your hospitality and for contributing to the success of our get together - we thoroughly enjoyed singing, learning - and relaxing - together in such a pleasant
environment. This was an ideal venue for our group with excellent facilities and meeting spaces, piano, projector etc. which meant we had everything we needed for our activities. Everyone was most impressed with the meals, so all credit to you and your team, as we were treated
to really lovely food (and good alternatives for those with particular requirements), and fruit and tasty snacks in between. And thanks for keeping the log burner stoked up! My thanks also to Shirlene for her patience with my phone calls prior to our stay - that really helped our preparation.  We really appreciated the efforts of your team in making this such a rewarding weekend for our group – we felt very welcome and comfortable at Teapot Valley and would certainly recommend this to others as an excellent venue!

Thank you very much for hosting the Inclusion Club on Saturday.  We would particularly like to pass our appreciation to Justin who was so calm and fabulous despite our son having a meltdown at the top of the Zip line platform....Justin is a very special instructor!!  Thanks again

How can I thank you enough for the 10 days we had our Summer School at Teapot Camp. You
truly are an outstanding person in the way you provide for all our needs and more. You always smile, always helpful and so considerate. Your team work so well and obviously also want to make the best for us all under your guidance.  It is always a delight to arrive out there as it is for all our participants.  I am looking forward to being there again next year.  With thanks and gratitude.

I just want to say a massive thank you for finding some sponsorship money for me to get to
Sports camp. It was such a great weekend and I enjoyed every bit of it, well maybe not the heat and lack of sleep ;) so thank you so much and I really appreciate it. 


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